From the recording It Started With A Kiss

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You turn away
You don't know what to say
And I close my eyes
To pretend I’m surprised
Now too many thoughts just crowd an empty bed
And the hungry night is begging to be fed

Heart on the line
To stand the test of time
I guess what is most secure is bound to lose
If love's just a victim of a poor excuse

Why, why did you turn me on
If you knew that one day you'll be gone
Ohh, why did you shine the light
In the night [Ooh, ooh, ooh, oooh, ooh, ooh]

Tell me why?
There is the door
Love opened to scream for more
Here I understand the nature of the game
But the rules that hurt me most have never changed

Why did you turn me on?
Why did you turn me on?
Why did you turn me on?

[Guitar solo]

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