From the recording It Started With A Kiss

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It started with a kiss when--David, Sissy, James and friends
Children less than ten— playing dancing in the wind
Black kids, white kids being kids—wrestling chasing a-rac-hnids
One girl, two black boys she kissed—started with a simple kiss

Innocence that started with a kiss
Three lives, never be the same
Judge says forbidden kiss what do you have to say
Guilty life lock-them-up—got-ta pay

Giggled kissed two boys--sister promise not to tell
Mom heard very well--molestation, rape, assault
Bullets splattered innocence shattered--tortured daily in the cell
White lies black lives beat and battered--kissing by the wishing well

Cuffed taken to jail—7, 9 aged tried like men
There would be no bail—taboo girl ultimate sin
Kill the dog, face house eviction—haunted souls and hard detention
Hatred pulsing in your heart—tortured claiming God’s conviction

New beginnings, butterflies and bliss
Three lives, pity such a sha-a-a-ame
Mama’s tired, Papa’s fired lifetime pain disarray
Remember the kissing game

Sissy meant no harm she cried, too young to realize
Mama washed her mouth with lye
Please explain the mystery, cleansing ethnicity
All God’s children but not me

Eleanor plead clemency--twist that started with a kiss
Globally shamed, set them free --pardoned no apology
If this tragic tale of sorrow--motivates better tomorrow
Pay attention for tomorrow-- life long horror history lesson

Spoken Word
Innocence that started with a kiss
Three lives never be the same
Justice for some but not all
rule of law distained
Re-mi-nisce James, David, Sissy
started with a kiss