1. Supernatural

From the recording It Started With A Kiss

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Supernatural, what you are
Supernova, from a far

I’d climb a million clouds to see that smile
to hold your hand if only for a while
you see in me what others fail to see,
once in a lifetime, you’re my heavenly

Supernatural, falling star
So amazing, healed my heart

Was that a bright star tumbling from the sky
Kiss me shivers running down my spine
When you’re near I feel like I can fly
Undescribeable joy feelin’ high

Supernatural, Love bizarre
Astronomical, Shooting star

Mythical, radical, wonderful, magical
I lost my way then I saw your face
Hypnotized, energized, polarized, magnetized
Billions of people yet you found me

Supernatural love
Supernatural, astronomical love this radical, so amazing
Supernatural, Astronomical love this radical, so amazing
Supernatural loooooooooooooooooooove