From the recording Thank A DJ

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I’m so glad God blessed me with you,
Precious one,
heaven sent an angel to me
Beautiful, beautiful to me eee

Blessed be this bond you and me
Your first smile,
wrapped yourself tightly ‘round my heart
Ever more, beautiful to me eee

God’s work of art - first stirred my heart
life for you, has just begun
innocent, true, full of wonder
newborn child, make me proud, shine sun
To know someday hurt, tears and sorrow
breaks me, pains me, makes me weep
trusting there’s always tomorrow
beautiful beautifullll to me

Hope you know how precious you are
Please don’t cry,
breaks my heart a million pieces,
In my arms, safe and warm you’ll be

Ray of hope, joy of my life
Dreams come true have faith it’s alright
Beautiful Beautifulllllll

To mee eee, to mee eee