From the recording Angelique Live in Hollywood

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We're like (oot) cornbread, beans and rice, (oot) ham hocks with mustard greens
(oot) pork chops and applesauce, sweet tea, BET. We're like (oot) tapas and salted fish
(oot) arroz con pollo, (oot) carne asada, Galavision.

‘gether hand in hand we'll stand, (ah oot) I'm your girl and you're my man (oot)
makin sweet love in the sand our own promised land. Everyday's a holiday, (ah oot)
sunshine on a cloudy day (oot) angels kiss our love is bliss troubles blown away

We're like (oot) cornbread beans and rice, (oot) ice cream and cookie dough (oot)
cold pizza in the snow, how our love will grow.
Sushi and miso soup, (oot) tofu tempura, (oot)
udon noodles sake or green tea
Jumbalaya black eyed peas, (ah oot) gumbo macaroni cheese (oot)
razor bumps, dreds, braids and weaves, so def afro sheen

Lucious lips smile wickedly, (ah oot) taunt me, tease me, make me plead (oot)
on a lazy Saturday, beignets in Marseilles

We're like (oot) cornbread, beans and rice, (oot) lovers on Valentine's day (oot)
boot sales in the UK, croissants in LA.
and on, (oot) Sundays with family, (oot) watchin’ the latest game (oot)
walking in the rain, no need to complain

Long as I am with my boo, (ah oot) all I ever wanna do (oot)
you love me and I love you, love forever true
You're my slice of Paradise, (ah oot) cinnamon and pumpkin spice (oot)
whipped cream on my cold bean pie, makes me wanna cry

We go together like crackers and cheddar, like peaches and cream our love is oh supreme
me for you, you for me, heavenly, ecstasy, don't release me.
Sweet love we're makin, no heart's be breakin, we're stirred not shaken
me harmony you melody. Means so much, when we touch
never tire, light my fire, sweet kisses filled with desire

Been through the pain, heartache, sunshine and rain. Celebrate, rose bouquets, crab soufflés, Quiche Lorraine, pink Champagne. Your coco skin is my only sin, makes my heart flutter spin, when you do it again and again and again and again and again. Let's lock hips, cupid lips, candied fingertips, requisite chocolate dips. No mistake, let's partake, shake n bake, intoxicatin'

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