1. Falling

From the recording Angelique

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There I stood alone at the party, all around they're getting down,
I'm standing there feeling like a clown, trying to get you to come and dance with me.
Tu me dices quieres bailar, te digo si quando tomeste,
mi mano cuenta de ti, creo tu eres para mi si si.

And I’m falling, falling forever in love with you, I never guessed love so sweet could be,
yet here I stand feeling fancy free, I never knew I’d be in love with you.

Ça fait longtemps tu est toujours la, je me pince car je peux y croire
finalement j’ai un amant, qui serai toujours près de moi.

Et je me laisses, emporter dans les rues de la ville. Plus et plus c’est de toi je crois
plus et plus c’est finalement, je serai toujours pres de toi.
Mi carino, siempre seres, para ti, soy libre y feliz, el amor es dulce, solmente para ti si si.

And I'm falling, dance and prance, romancing in the streets.
More and more I find it’s true, more and more it’s me and you, more and more I fall in love with you, with you, with you.