1. No Show

From the recording Angelique

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Seven, got dressed up you said you'd call, at eight, I waited anxiously.
Nine and of you there is no sign, 15 minutes more and still no knock my door oh no, no show.

Ten, it's the same old song again, not in, your machine's answering,
eleven still here alone I cry, dinner's cold by candlelight, at twelve the fire died inside, no show.

Darling, love me right or walk away, just say, what's really on your mind.
Baby, to my heart won't you be kind, I'm spending all my time, holding on the line.
I wanna know if you're, gonna be or go, disappear or show, oh no, no show.

You called and my heart skipped a beat, do you have sometime somewhere to meet.
Oh and though my heart wished that it was so, my mind knew around and ‘round we’d go.

As I walk here down the aisle, mother, father, friends all smile we’re waiting for your arrival. ‘Cause I’m the best you’ve ever had, stop treating me so bad oh oh no show.