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"Swinging from neo-soul through a diverse net of global influences, this project shows another layer of heart and class every time you spin it. She's clearly centered in classic r'n'b, and her songwriting shows humor and muscle even with Brazilian and techno dabblings. But she doesn't stop there. Her brainy cover of Lennon/McCartney's "All I Gotta Do" is riveting, and message songs like "Hollywood" and "The Box" compliments the romantic stories with some philosophic salt. I've seen Angelique deliver these songs live. She is not only a consummate performer, but one who has transformed her survival tales into resilient epiphanies. Kelly Rowland and the like will probably go on unemployment leave when Angelique gets on their stage".

Johnny J Blair, singer-songwriter/producer,

Fire Inside-Davy Jones 



"Just to let you know y'all, you need to have this great CD in your collection. This singer is so great. I can't wait to see her live. For all music lovers, no excuse to not have this CD right now on your CD players".


Gi Dussault, co-producer of "The Upper Room with Joe Kelley"

''it's off the hook. I recommend to all!'' girlytruck, Angelique Angel  

''The self titled CD "Angelique" French word meaning "like an angel" Is just that, magical! The music is crisp, precise and enjoyable, Her voice carries you from tune to tune effortlessly almost dreamily. Most cut are an amazing blend of jazz funk. Flawlessly performed, easy on the ears and soul. The lyrics are sensitive and well written. All in all a truly enjoyable auditory experience but don't take my word for it. Hear it for yourself... I give it 41/2 mic out of 5!''

Claude Gagné, K.L.O.D. Ezine 

"Her dedication, professionalism and constant positive energy are rare qualities and Angelique is blessed with an overabundance of all of those qualities".

Angelo Roman Jr. Founder/Executive Producer Singer's Showcase  

''She struts, she wails, she bends, she falls down on her knees she activates the crowd, she even talks to you personally, all while driving the pulsating music into your blood''.

John Bitzer, Music Connection Magazine 

''At all times per performances were both unique and above standards, She has caused promoters and producers to personally call to appreciate my suggestions urging them to hire Ms. Angelique''.

Tye Tyrell, Agency Representative, Network Talent

 ''Well-Rounded Radio Pick for the Fall 2003 episode of Well-Rounded Radio''!

Charlie McEnerney, Producer, Well Rounded Radio.net

 ''Angelique Kicking it off with a flashback to the `70s funk basslines, Angelique presents her album to a variety of peoples as she sings in Spanish, English, and French. She does all this overtop a funky and jazzy feel with a tinge of soul. With songs that vary themes, Angelique unlike a lot of artists in her scene doesn`t pigeonhole herself. The bossa nova flavor in "Bossa Nova Hotel" is just simply stunning and shows just how hip Angelique is indeed''.

J-Sin Smother Magazine

Cannes, Süden-France-not nur die Stelle der legendären Film-Feste aber in Januar ein jedes von Jahr auch der Nabel der Musik-Welt. MIDEM nennt sich die Begegnung von Kunst und business-from, bieten Sie an und Forderung. Das Musik-schön auch zieht Hoffnung-frohe Damen und Gentlemane aus jenem U.S. jährlich von AT bei, daß zusammen mit her/its/their-Demo-Bändern auf korrespondierend Aussichten und Käufern der unzählig in Cannes vertretenen beschriftet Wartezeiten. Angelique war auch Jahr 2003 damit… Mit große Hoffnungen zu Cote d´Azur reisten, mit leeren Händen und desillusioniert von dannen, den pulled-Angelique´s erfährt, wieder, stimmt jenen von unzählig ander zu Unabhängig-Artisten von allen Musik-Typen. Warum muß es so kommen? Angelique kann singen, hat über einem verändern-fähigen Stimmpartie mit eigenem Grad und korrespondierend Anerkennung-Wert. Überdies können she/it auf einigen Erfahrungen in zurücksehen das U.S.-Geschäft und über total anderer auf einer CD, die von Interesse throughout,-Angelique musikalisch ist, machen Sie R&B ein und knallen Sie, gut--ing Brasilien vereinigt zu ihm-und Karibik-Grundstoffe und noch spielte auch in der Gesamtsumme mit wirklichen Musikern und weitgefächertem-Instrument. Ergebnis: ein ganz eigene sound-Black knallen mit Behauptung und ohne Rücksicht auf den Anforderungen von den market-agreeable, universalen Melodien und flexiblen Anordnungen, die gehen, das lebend spielte in Keyses, Gitarren und Rhythmikern Raum amply,-funky mit "Baby "und "Hollywood ", chartskompatibel mit "Es könnte Sie gewesen sein "und diskret poppig mit "Bossa Novä Hotel "-alternation ist Programm. In Cannes kamen she/it mit her/its/their, debütieren Sie auf Unverständnis mostly-too nett, zu ehrgeizig, zu klein Hüfte-springen Sie und so weiter.. Seit dann Angelique verkauft her/its/their CD in den own-distribution-10.000 Teilen, wird verkauft und dient als Basis für eine 2 infolgedessen. Album. Von Mitte 2005 sollte es erhältlich sein, wir werden darüber berichten. 

  jms soulsite.de  

"Hot S***!!
Linda Mac, Luver Radio

"I Love Cornbread, Beans & Rice"
Carolyn Fox, KHZ Radio Los Angeles

(On Cornbread, Beans & Rice)
"Nicely done!. Really nice groove & rhythm, (hats off to all the players). Melody is fluid, easy going & catchy. What really stands out is the lyric. I love the use of often paired foods to describe the complimentary nature & perfect fit of the relationship (you can't think of one w/o the other!). It's a delicious mix. The cherry on top, so to speak is the rich vocal. It certainly captures the mood- sultry & seductive along with pure joy. Well done! Music lovers won't be disappointed"
CM, Director A&R Taxi

"Good record! Good Songs! Wonderful voice! Great band!
John Ziegler, KUMD Radio Duluth

"Angélique is a talented performer, singer and songwriter and I heartily recommend Around The World In A Groove to all audiences"
Shadow, President & CEO, Y3K Entertainment

"J'adores Angélique"
Renaut Rigard, Zoopa Loop Music France